Tom Ling is the founding President and CEO of Advantage, Inc. Driven by
    his cultural heritage and core values of a strong work ethic couple with a
    humble nature. Tom Ling’s entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to build
    one of the largest and most successful printing, mailing and multi-channel
    marketing organizations in the country.

    Mr. Ling knows that preparation and the right strategy are crucial to
    business success, and he brings his years of experience, marketing
    innovation, and the wisdom imparted by his mentors and influencers.


    Randy is a forward thinker who has procured decades of experience with
    large and small businesses alike. Along with a lifetime of entrepreneurship,
    Randy has played a crucial role in forging Boss Advantage from a start-up
    organization to the forefront of the nation’s most respected and trusted
    lead groups. He possesses an innate practical knowledge and
    understanding in the data world to help business grow.

    Mr. Winn can be found growing Boss Advantage on a daily basis by testing
    and discovering novel ways to use data for business customer acquisition.
    His focus drives expansion in vertical and application of products. Mr. Winn
    understands that people create value, and focuses his effort to develop a
    culture that empowers people to serve customers.


    Tom is a sharp entrepreneur with a talent for closing. His innovative
    approach to business is just as apparent as his ease of creativity. Tom’s
    experience spans not only teaching or lecturing at Universities, but also
    reinventing products. Tom branded and trademarked the Voice To Data
    lead product in 2009, and has continued a track of domestic and
    international ventures in the performance marketing industry. Tom seems
    to attract success wherever he goes, building businesses from the ground
    up and transforming them into multi-million-dollar corporations.

    Mr. Cutshall can be found testing and inventing new ways to drive
    game-changing results with marketing channels. He has a passion for
    leading the private brand platforms for Boss Advantage to cultivate
    consumer engagements.