• Your customer acquisition relies heavily on good consumer credit. Our technological processes tailored to your industry will bring you consumers who were recently declined back to their full credit worthiness. Our solution is fully automated from start to finish with simplicity in mind.


    The ideal mortgage candidate demonstrates good income, credit score,
    debt ratios, and assets. Boss Advantage can provide consumers with an
    experience of credit restoration in the journey to home ownership. We work
    with real estate agents and mortgage lenders for one unified solution.


    Transportation is a necessity at any income level. As lenders, you want
    security in the capable customer. Boss Advantage assesses multiple
    financial factors to restore credit and provide access to essential auto


    FinTech brings technology to the finance world and is now a commonplace.
    This rapid change can be fostered and structured with the right marketing,
    nurturing, and analytics. We are highly supportive with innovative business
    models, software, and processes.


    Most consumers in need of home services such as solar panels or security
    systems will need credit approval. Our proprietary solutions will bring you
    customers vetted and guided through credit restoration by using our
    sophisticated back end solution.